Grampa Jim with Victoria, 
07/24/96 - 10/12/96
The first of my adopted 
spiritual grandbabies! 
She was a Trisomy18 baby
Welcome to "Grampa" Jim's Kids"
my New Site!

     My name is Jim Dove, "Grampa Jim", aka "Mr. Geek, Sr" (65yo and counting)!  The little girl pictured above is the precious little one that got me started with a presence on the internet, beginning with a prayer chain for seriously ill children.
     For 10+ years, I ran prayer lists, and web sites dedicated to children with serious, disabling, long term, and sometimes fatal illnesses.  
     My previous site was "Kids Need Prayer", which was finally discontinued in March 2007.  My heart is still dedicated to the many children and their families I was associated with through those projects, along with the many friends I made all over the world who supported the kids.  You will probably find links on this site to some similar sites, as well as to "Amber Alert".

     I began working in (LITERALLY inside of!! The racks were 6-8ft tall, and 2-4ft deep!) computers in 1964, working for a little company called RCA who, at the time, also made main frame computers!!  Their models 301, 501, 3301, & Spectra 70, were all machines I installed and maintained.  Ahh, those WERE the days!!  Basic input was by octal console, paper tape, or punched cards!  Language- there was basically only one - cobal - maybe fortran later.  I have been a geek (we were really nurds in those days) ever since.
     I built my first clone desktop computer in 1985 - 64mb main memory, and 180k, 5-1/4" floppy drive.  Since that time I have built probably 200 or more clone computers!  And, I have had my share of virus/trojan/adware/spyware/malware problems, including malware that caused complete system failure, and required doing a low level format on hard drives and reloading software again!!
     One of the recurring themes I have heard over the years is about the computer problems associated with using the internet - Virus attacks - Trojan attacks - Identify theft - Adware - Spyware, etc.  There were many times that various of my user's computers were disabled due to internet "
Malware" (defined as ANY form of software designed to obtain information from, or disable, or otherwise cause harm to a users computer) of one type or another.

     It seems that over the last 2 years or so, the threat from computer malware has grown exponentially!  It used to be that you MIGHT be attacked, but now it is not a question of WHETHER but WHEN you will be attacked.  It is no longer safe to use a computer on-line without ANTI-VIRUS AND FIREWALLsoftware (unless running Linux!!), AND BACKUP software!
     That is the reason for this site.  There are so MANY different internet protection software packages - I will, hopefully, be able to help users determine which is best for them.

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