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Linux is becoming a VERY popular alternative to MS Windows!  Dell recently jumped on the band wagon by offering to install a version of Linux on some of their computers (the "Kubunto" version)!!

Most versions of popular Linux distributions are available on what are called "Live CD's", that is they will run completely from the CD so you can try before loading on your machine.  They also offer the option of doing a dual boot - boot from Linux, or your old Windows system!!  That is how my main computer is set up.

July 19, 2011
I am finding more and more uses for Linux!
Recently I had a friend who's computer was attacked by a particularly nasty trojan!  Replicated itself about a dozen times at various spots on his hard drive, rendering it non-bootable, and non-readable.
The bench test machine I use for such purposes would not even see his drive.  At first I thought the drive was toast.  BUT, I loaded GParted (here), a Linux LIVE CD (Free - runs from the CD, don't need to load on the machine.  (NOTE:  It can also be loaded on a USB STICK!!)
  Voila!  There it was!
After rendering the drive non-bootable, I went back to Windows and was able to find all the trojans residing there.  Used MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS by the way, (I LOVE that software!).  It found and removed them when none of the other anti-viruses I had would even see them!  I was able to salvage about 90% of his data.

Thank you Linux!
(By the way, I am particularly fond of Ubunto Linux!)

A particular "FLAVOR" of Linux, say "gNewSense", "Kill Bill", "Ubunto", "Kubunto", "Xubunto", "Blag", "Slax", "Slackware", etc, are called a "Distribution", and are normally provided by the group espousing that particular flavor.  This is a GREAT way to find the version of linux that is right for you.  Just start downloading, or buy pre-recorded CD/DVDs at VERY low cost, usually just the price to duplicate, and start checking them out.  The "LIVE CD" versions run completely from CD, and will give you a complete idea of what they are capable of!

I recently jumped to Linux for my old Sony Vaio laptop that had become virtually useless as a windows machine.  With only 256MB of memory, it had simply slowed down so far it was useless - and XP would not even install on it!  With a fresh version of Linux gNewSense installed (free by the way!!) it boots faster than my 4ghz main machine!!  And is quite happy with only 256mb memory!!  And using the included software, there isn't much I can't do on that old machine. 

Grampa Jim, aka Mr. Geek, Sr
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