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June 1, 2015

My computer at church suddenly quit scanning after the last Win 7 update!  I could print to the printer, and manually copy on the printer, but the computer supposedly could not find my Brother printer when I went to scan mode.  The printer was new, so I took it back to the dealer and got another one.  Hooked it up, - it STILL wouldn't scan.  Finally called Brother Tech Support and spent about 30 min trying things.  Finally, the tech suggested I set up another user account, and install the printer software in that account.

THAT WORKED!  Still won't scan in the main user account, which means I must switch to the "Scan" user to scan documents.  DON'T I JUST LUV WINDERS!

 (But AIN'T NO WAY I'm going to Win 10, in spite of having a free upgrade to it from Microsoft when it becomes available.  I MAY  try it after I hear what others think about it.  But not yet.)

We don't have a clue why it quit scanning, and the only new software that was installed was a Win7 update.  Go figure.

UPDATE:  May 7, 2012

I just built a new computer for my church work - recording and prepairing sermons for placing on the web.  Only WIN 7 installed on it.
Once again, I found that recordings had blanks in them.  I had thought that a new mobo, processor, etc., would cure the problem.  It didn't--until I tried another programmable time recording software program!  Even though what I was using was supposed to be Win 7 compatible, IT WASN'T!

Switching to new software - Audio Time by NCH Software fixed the problem.  Reasonably priced, it seems to work well for what my church needs.

February 17, 2012
Time to update Windows 7 experiences:
I have found it to be about 20% slower than XP for the same software to run.  Part of that may be due to 32 bit applications running in 7-64.  I don't know.  I have also been having "BLUE SCREEN" lock-ups with it.  No repeatable reasons I can find.  In fact, I have been sitting at my desk not even working on the computer when it will suddenly go to blue screen.
Also, I have had serious problems with the audio on the motherboard, with Win 7 inserting blank audio in the stream about every 1.5 seconds.  Going to an external sound card fixes it.  I use the church computer (AMD dual core) for recording and editing church services to put on the web.  7 is simply not dependable for my audio uses.  So, I have switched back to XP Pro on that machine.
I've also had instances of screens "Ghosting" - getting a haze over them, and totally locking up.  Requires a power-off reboot to restore.
Then, there are the number of updates!  I have had to turn autoupdate off to prevent the computer from disrupting the recordings, and programs when I'm running something.  I have - literally - had 100 or more  updates come down at a time.  Maybe, someday, before 8 or whatever the next version is called, Win 7 will be robust enough to be really good.  I can only hope.

July 19, 2011

Just installed Win 7 on a new dual core AMD Phenom II X2 565 with BioStar MB.
It installed fine, but I have had a LOT of problems loading programs
that loaded just fine on my Win 7 laptop.
I don't understand why, but am still working on getting it going.  Basic load works fine - no network problems - no internet problems.  But seeing weird graphics problems that come and go too.
This computer works just fine on XP Pro.
August 10, 2010
Acquired Win7-64 to put on a dual-core system at my church.  I do a lot of audio recording and conversion, and thought 7-64 would give me some speed increase over XP 32.
Didn't happen!  It ran 20% slower than XP did.
It could be because the audio conversion software was 32 bit, but I still would have expected it to perform at least as well in Win7-64, but.......
I still like 7, but I must admit, I am disappointed that it didn't perform better.
The other problem was with the audio setup on Win7.  I did find drivers for my MB, but never did figure out how to be able to use the headphones as well as the speakers at the same time.  Always worked OK in XP.
On my home machines with 7 on them, everything works well.  The audio problem may be due to the difference in MB.
At present, I have dual boot capability on the church system, with the default being XP.
I will be installing 7-64 on one of my  home machines to see if I have problems there too.

May 6, 2010
Since the flash drive problem was fixed, I continue to be amazed at the solidness of this system.  I have tried stupid things just to break it, and have only succeeded once.
Microsoft has finally gotten it right!
As my buddy Marlin would say, "What happened to Jim?  I think the Martians have taken him.  I can't believe I'm hearing you say this!"
I had threatened to switch to Linux, and had, in fact, already tried the latest versions of a couple flavors, and had decided on Ubuntu.  
Then, I started hearing some good things about 7.
Long story short - I will be installing it on my laptop, too.
The only fly in the ointment continues to be the fact that you must do a full new system load - it will not "upgrade", keeping all your old software and settings, though I keep hearing that there is a way to do that.  But, IT IS WORTH IT!  Those folks jaded by Vista, and there are MANY OF YOU, will love Windows 7!
Well, gotta head off to the therapist now.  There just HAS to be something wrong with me.  I mean, after all, I am LOVING a Microsoft Windows Product.

I finished installing Windows 7 - 64 recently, and have loved it!  All but one of my old programs loaded and ran just fine.  Found a free on-line replacement for the one that didn't work, so I was very happy with it! 
The computer is a Biostar MB w/4GB Memory and an AMD Phenom ii X2 processor.

Used it about a week with NO PROBLEMS!  Now, I was really happy!!

None of my flash drives will read in win7!
It see's them, but won't load them.

April 26, 2010
The flash drive problem has fixed itself!!
I don't have any idea what fixed the flash drive problem, unless it was a Windows 7 update.  I came down the other morning, and, voila, they were suddenly working.  No problems since then!

April 24, 2010
Found Microsoft drivers, which required an older version of .NET to run.  That won't load on my 64 bit machine.  Still looking for a solution.
For an interesting take on Windows hardware compatability issues, see the article HERE from  They also have lots of other interesting topics on Science, Tech Tutorials, and other areas. 

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